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Lirola is  our other business. Lirola sells bulk supplies of new Information Communication and Technology (ICT) equipment for healthcare facilities. For instance, equipment such as laptops, desktops, monitors, servers, racks, printers, printer consumables, workstations, projectors, softwares, uninterrupted power supply, design software, storage, networking equipment, et cetera.

You can contact Lirola on the website address:   www.lirola.com.au




Takona Health can source bulk supplies of new medical equipment and devices for healthcare projects that are under the project management of Takona Health. This is to ensure that the choices of healthcare facility equipment, and device align and integrate with the business strategic plans, and objectives of a healthcare facility. According to evidence-based processes, and best-practices.

Consequently, Takona Health uses latest evidences, and health facility development principles to guide the choices of products that Takona Health recommends for owners of healthcare facilities. For example, Takona Health can source various types of healthcare facility equipment and consumables for diagnostic, and treatment purposes. Some of the large medical equipment that Takona Health can source are MRI, CT scan, x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, patient monitoring equipment, operating theater equipment, dental equipment, opthalmology equipment, hospital beds, et cetera.Thus, Takona Health can source most types of diagnostic and treatment equipment and devices.

In addition, Takona Health can source most types of new medical equipment/devices consumables, software, furnitures, and fittings for healthcare facilities. This incudes the planning and design for Information, communication and technology (ICT) systems for healthcare facilities.


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ABN: 42 158 616 028




Justice & Mercy:

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- Honesty

- Faithfulness

Takona Health has vision of healthcare facility where patients, families, and pblic involve in planning, and desig of healing and wellness environment. Healthcare facility environment that is safe for staff, and where staff want to work.

Our aim is to co-create healthcare facility plans and designs with owners, plus their stakeholders.

-  Co-create healthcare facility that is healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Facility that provides investment opportunities for owners.