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About Us ...

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Our aim is to co-create healthcare facility plans and designs with owners, plus their stakeholders.

-  Co-create healthcare facility that is healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Facility that provides investment opportunities for owners.


Who we are ...

Takona Health is an independently owned Australian business. It is a Healthcare facility consultancy  business. The business is registered in Queensland, Australia.

What we do ...

Takona Health can provide post-graduate standard of Healthcare facility consultancy services. The main domains of services are:

1. Healthcare facility strategic planning and design

2. Healthcare facility project management

3. Healthcare facility business management

4. Healthcare service leadership and management.

Why Takona Health ...

Patients can health in integrity. Health in integrity in healthcare facilities that are healing environments for patients, families and the public. In healthcare facilities where staff would like to work.

In addition, facility owner can deliver services with efficiency, and effectiveness in evidence-based healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities that can deliver good returns of investments for the facility owner.

Australian Business Number

ABN: 42 158 616 028

Takona Health has vision of healthcare facility where patients, families, and pblic involve in planning, and desig of healing and wellness environment. Healthcare facility environment that is safe for staff, and where staff want to work.


Justice & Mercy:

- Trustworthy

- Honesty

- Faithfulness