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-   The flagship services of Takona Health are in Health facility & service planning, and design. To manage all the major stages of developments in healthcare facilities & services, including modeling of services.

-   Takona Health specialises in providing post-graduate standard of consultancy services in Healthcare facility & service planning, design and management for healthcare facility projects.

-   We can manage all the major stages of Healthcare facility developments from creating vision to the final stage of measuring performances of healthcare facilities (Post-Occupancy Evaluation research).

- Takona Health can help facility owners, and stakeholders to:

>   Build new hospitals and other healthcare facilities

>   Relocate current hospitals, and other healthcare facilities

>   Renovate existing hospitals, and other healthcare facilities

>   Extension of hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

- Takona Health can help in the planning and design to develop hospitals, and most types of healthcare facilities.


-   Takona Health can provide consultancy services (short-term to long-term) in Health service management. Managing hospitals, and other health service programs. This includes doing research to measure outcome performances in facilities.

-   Managing financial performances in hospitals, and healthcare systems. This includes financial and economical decisions.

-   Our Health service management  provides post-graduate quality of services.




Australian Business Number

ABN: 42 158 616 028



Takona Health has a vision of health facility environment where patients, residents, and families involve in planning, and designing of healing and wellness environment. Health facility environment that is safe for staff, and where staff want to work.


Justice & Mercy:

- Trustworthy

- Honesty

- Faithfulness

Our aim is to co-create healthcare facility plans and designs with owners, plus their stakeholders.

-  Co-create healthcare facilities that are healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Facilities that provide investment opportunities for owners.