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Takona Health believes in the idea to help the communities. Whenever, possible Takona Health looks for ways to share the blessings of Creator and Redeemer God with those within our reach. The principles that Takona Health uses for community services are in the acronym, NEW START. Takona Health uses NEW START principles to help people to experience health reform, and live healthy lifestyles.

The eight NEW START principles are:

N - Nutrition

E - Exercise

W - Water

S - Sunshine

T - Temperance

A - Air

R - Rest

T - Trust in Creator and Redeemer God

There are teachings and practical examples in each of the eight principles of health in the NEW START.



Australian Business Number

ABN: 42 158 616 028




Justice & Mercy:

- Trustworthy

- Honesty

- Faithfulness

Takona Health has vision of healthcare facility where patients, families, and pblic involve in planning, and desig of healing and wellness environment. Healthcare facility environment that is safe for staff, and where staff want to work.

Our aim is to co-create healthcare facility plans and designs with owners, plus their stakeholders.

-  Co-create healthcare facility that is healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Facility that provides investment opportunities for owners.