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Business Services ...

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- To assist clients to create strategy plans and developments in business activities.

Consultancy service for Business development

Australian Business Number

ABN: 42 158 616 028




Justice & Mercy:

- Trustworthy

- Honesty

- Faithfulness

- To assist clients in operational management for business activities.

- To assist clients in budget and financial management in business activities.


Consultancy service in business management

- To assist clients in major project strategic plans, controls, monitoring, evaluations, analysis, and reviews.

- To assist clients in budget preparation, control, monitoring and evaluations in project works


Consultancy service in project management

Takona Health has vision of healthcare facility where patients, families, and public experience health in integrity.

-  Co-create healthcare facility that is healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Facility that provides investment opportunities for owners.


- Takona Health provide the consultancy services in businesses, and projects in collaboration with our sister business, Lirola. For more information contact Lirola here: www.lirola.com.au


Collaboration with Lirola